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Farm-Craft Beer

Each beer is crafted with a unique story and inspiration. Discover the flavors and story through a pint at the Farm.

Water, Grain, Hops, & Yeast

​Our passion lies in historic and European beer styles. These are typically malt forward and carbonated to lower levels than American standards.

Lone Mountain Farms is located in a prime location for growing hops and grains. This allows us the unique opportunity to offer estate beers grown and brewed by the same farm. You can truly taste our area's terroir through our farm-craft beer.

The hops spring forth like asparagus shoots in early spring and climb their way up to the sky until late summer harvest. We grow over 10 varieties to give diversity to our beer bittering and aroma.

We are always trying out rare and unique grains from all over the world with the quest for the most flavorful grains we can grow. The grains used for our beer are malted by LINC Malt, a farmer co-op right in Spokane, WA.

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Visit the Farm

The Farm is OPEN

Friday & Saturday 12 - 8 pm
Sunday 12 - 6 pm

* Kid and family-friendly!

* Well-behaved dogs welcome on the patio.


Farm Brewery

25415 N Ramsey Rd

Athol, ID 83801


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