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Merseburger 1826 (Dark IPA)

Merseburger 1826 (Dark IPA)

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This historic recipe was made in a way to produce the most conceivably bitter flavor brewers of the time could imagine. Lone Mountain Farms' and the 1800's most bitter beer, clocking in at over 125 IBUs, the recipe's immense hop bitterness wasn't enough; the recipe calls for bitter orange peel and gentian root (also known as bitterwort/root) as a pre-hop bittering agent. As the German poet Goethe likened his education he was pursuing to the beer, "I come to like law. The matter with law is the same as it is with the beer of Merseburg; first one feels a horror, but when one has drunk that beer one week, one can’t live without it.” - Goethe, in a private letter to Susanne Katharina Von Klettenberg

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