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2023 was one of the best years at the brewery and for us personally. Luke was accepted into Berklee School of Music to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a music producer and Emily has been growing her marketing coaching business, Cultivating Your Market. With our new demands on our time, we needed to decide the future of Lone Mountain Farms.

Our mission has always been to grow fields of flavor and we are passionate about bringing back ancient and landrace grains lost to time that hold amazing flavor and history. Because of time constraints, we have never fulfilled that as much as we would like.

So, after much deliberation, we have made the tough decision to close the farm brewery to the public. We will continue to make the great beer you have come to love but only to the wholesale market. This more closely fits into our new schedules and allows us to focus on farming those incredible ingredients.

Soon you will be able to find our products at many more locations throughout the area than just the farm. Your favorite watering hole or your local grocery store. So as we transition the business to this new model, be looking for Lone Mountain Farms brand beer and flour at retail stores and establishments near you.

We know this all comes as a shock but we hope you will continue to champion us in this agricultural journey! We have enjoyed meeting so many amazing people and the community that has come behind us. You have made every step so fun and rewarding.  

We appreciate you!!

-Emily & Luke




​Lone Mountain Farms is located in a prime location for growing hops and grains. This allows us the unique opportunity to offer beer that is grown and brewed on the same farm. You can truly taste Idaho through our farm-craft beer.

The hops spring forth like asparagus shoots in early spring and climb their way up to the sky until late summer harvest. We grow over 10 varieties to give diversity to our beer bittering and aroma.

We are always trying out rare and unique grains from all over the world in the quest for the most flavorful grains we can grow.

Currently only available to wholesale customers.


We are always trying out rare and unique grains from all over the world in the quest for the most flavorful grains we can grow. In a typical year, we trial over 30 varieties of wheat, barley, spelt, emmer, einkorn, millet, and many others. The best performers go on to be propagated into production in the coming years.

With less than 10 acres currently available, our grain production is focused on small plots of highly unique varieties selected for their flavors. This is then milled into flour or used in floral arrangements.

Flour and decor are currently only available to wholesale customers.

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